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img_path in editor

i cant resolve this issue. i use img_path in the editor but when the page view in the browser the slash in the image path is remove?


  • Can you please post the code? Also, when you say the editor, do you mean the CKeditor or the markItUp! editor (or something else entirely)?

  • Markitup. I use the img_path inse style atteibute background image

  • Can you display an example of how it is implemented and what is rendered?

  • backgroudn-image: url(xxx xxxx xxx two_bedroom.jpg) this is how it render in the page. the slash is been removed

  • If this is happening in one of your custom modules, it may have to do with the sanitization of the fields and the xss_clean() function that is run by default. Try adding the following to your MY_fuel_modules.php as a parameter to your specific module:

    'sanitize_input' => array('template','php'),
  • this is on the page section not on custom modules.

  • What does the code look like before you save it and are those "x" actually what it looks like after you save it?

  • edited July 2018

    you can check here the output in the html

  • This looks to be the rendered code. What does the implemented code look like before it is rendered?

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