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ckeditor additioanl options

I want to add additional items such as coloring the text and YouTube but I am unclear what to do. CkEditor site says download and install but where would I install it? Are all the options installed and do I need to configure them in the config/editors.php file? If so where do I get the information on how that array is supposed to look?


  • CKEditor plugins go in './fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/editors/ckeditor/plugins'.
    Look in './fuel/application/config/editors.php' to expose the new plugins:

    $config['ckeditor']['default'] = array(
       'extraPlugins' = '[extra stuff here]';
  • I see that but how do I know how the extra plugins that I want are referenced?
    [code]extraPlugins: 'fuellink,fuelimage',[/code]

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