Navigation - Set Frequency

On my navigation page I have fields for: Group, Label, Location, Key, Parent, Publication under the General tab.

In the Advanced tab there is Precedence, Attributes, Selected and Hidden.

According to sitemap_xml.php there should be a Frequency field and possibly even a Last Modified field - I do not have either.

I need to be able to set the frequency on a page-per-page basis - how do I add those missing fields to the navigation page ($page)?


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    Add the fields to the [fuel_navigation] table and extend the navigation module into your own custom version (My_navigation)
    Don't forget to share it back here or set up a pull-request in the repo :)

  • Thanks, just wondering if there is a more support way of implementing this rather than a creating something from scratch. sitemap_xml.php leads me to suggest (with it's use of $page['frequency'] and $page['last-modified'] ) that it is support out-of-the-box.

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