External links appearing in sitemap.xml


Our site has gone live now, however we have three external links (which are defined in the navigation menus) appearing in sitemap.xml.

Google webmaster admin console has found these and is complaining 'URL not allowed' - and has also written 'Invalid URL' to the sitemap as well - a simple href="#" declaration. How can we exclude these from appearing in the sitemap?


  • There is a file found in the fuel/application/views/sitemap_xml.php which is meant to be edited to fit your needs. Be default, it merges an array from the navigation found in the fuel/application/views/_variables/nav.php and the URLs generated from the modules on your site. You should see an unset($nav['home']); around line 19 in that file so you may be able to just do the same if those URLs originate from the nav.php file.

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