How to validate the date format dd/mm/yyyy from jquery.validate plugin?

I have a form which has several datepickers using jquery-ui datepickers. I am also using the jquery validate plugin bundled with forms module. I have tried setting defaults for dateformat like so in the script that I am loading using blocks

rules: {
            date_of_birth: {
                dateITA: true

this is just an example with one date field, I am planning to do this for all date fields, but I can't validate it using the format I have given, I have looked on jquery.validate website and the format I need can be achieved by this but it gives error.
How can I achieve this?


  • What is the error you are seeing?

  • Use your browser debugger to check what date format your POST is passing back to Fuel. You should be able to adjust your validation to fit or tweak jquery.validate with what to expect

  • Actually the error is on frontend, not on fuel's side, but still if you guys can help? Thing is I want to sync datepicker and validator date formats but so far I'm not successful. I am using dateITA property in validator and trying with same format in daetpicker's default settings but still it says please enter a valid date.

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