PHP 7.2 Mcrypt

It appears that on PHP 7.2 Mcrypt has been removed.

It looks like CI 3 has two options, mcrypt and openssl. This is done through codeigniter > libraries > Encryption.php

but I believe Fuel CMS is using the deprecated Encrypt.php class , see


Is is possible to set Fuel CMS to use the newer encryption library and take advantage of the openssl encryption option when mcrypt is not available?


  • FUEL should be using the newer encryption library already. Where are you seeing issues with it using encrypt? Also, note that there is a branch on GitHub for 7.2 that we are working on addressing specific issues with 7.2.

  • The php7.2 branch on Github seems to fix things for most of my sites.
    I came across outstanding problems with ./modules/fuel/libraries/Menu.php yesterday but didn't have time to look into fixing the source, I just applied a work-around. It was the issues over count() that's been fixed in other locations.

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    Do you know what line number the error was on and what was your work-around?

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