Adding language segment to URL

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I have a bilingual site (French and English). I'm having a problem with the language segment. MY_fuel configuration is as follows:

$config['languages'] = array(
'fr' => 'francais',
'en' => 'english',
$config['language_mode'] = 'segment';
$config['add_language_to_site_url'] = TRUE;

if I go to the page, everything works fine, same as if I go to

If if use as the address, it defaults to the French page as expected, but it doesn't add the fr segment.

Similarly, when I access the home page, I get the French page exactly as if I had used That is expected, but shouldn't the URL have automatically changed to

Am I not correctly understanding the "add_language_to_site_url" parameter?

Note: These are not, for the most part, pages from the CMS although I do have pages that are generated from the CMS and have noticed the same behavior. I am on version 1.4 of Fuel.


  • You can put in a redirect in the fuel/application/config/redirects.php to force the redirect to the specific language version.

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