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How to validate multiple dates when calling $this->model->clean()?

I have a form with multiple date fields of same name, I am using jQuery Datepicker to populate dates and then posting it. I am stuck at the point when I try to call clean on my model, it cleans all texts values but it gives error on date fields.
preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in this class MY_date_helper.php. I don't know how to pass my array indices.


  • You can overwrite your model's clean method to account for the array value.

  • I did tried what you said admin but the preg_match is being called before that I tried with on_before_validate if that was being called first but it wasn't as well. So which callback is actually being called first?

  • What line number is it erring on in the MY_date_helper? Is it the is_date_db_format() function? If so, I'm curious how it's getting to that area of the code in MY_Model.php around line 1309 since the field types that are being checked are only date and datetime which you can't store array values in.

    It roughly goes:


    Are you wanting to serialize that field?

  • No, I don't want to serialize I just wanted to convert my form values for the same name into record objects, like I have degree, major and institute as array in post so I wanted to make a record object of each of them, I already have my model class for it, and wanted to use its record object which would have all these three fields.

  • Are you wanting to save those dates onto another model entirely? Perhaps something like a foreach loop on the on_after_save hook that loops through the dates to save those to another model?

  • Hello, I didn't answer your question earlier about the line of error, yes it is the is_date_db_format and it is reaching there because my field type is date, also the earlier reply would be a bit confusing as I didn't understood completely but I just want my date to go as string not as array, I have multiple fields with same name of date type, I'll try the on_before_validate as well

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