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How to save array of field like name[]?

edited April 2018 in Modules

I am trying to save some values to a model where I will have mutiple values of same field. Is there an easy way besides converting my field values to record level objects and saving them individually in a loop? Being redundant is not so cool!


  • implode() and explode() a comma separated string?

  • No, I want to know if fuel has anything that turns array data to record object?

  • I don't think that serializing is what I need, as I have a form with fields say field1, field2, feild3, and they could be multiple in an array like field1[0, 1, 2], for each of them, I want to know if I can convert these fields of array into record object like object[field1[0], field2[1], field3[2]]. Am I making sense?
    I already have the model class setup so just want to know if fuel provides such a way to convert them automatically as opposed to I'm doing right now by placing them in loop?

  • If you are wanting to automatically create associated records, then you'll need to do it on an on_after_save hook on your model.

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