How to use blog module for multiple types of blogs in a website

I would like to have the functionality so that I can use the same kind of blogging for different purposes, like creating news, projects and achievements kind of thing? One way I was thinking was to reinstalling the blog module and rename its configuration to the module I like, like for news a news blog with everywhere in code it is using blog I could rename it to news, but it seemed like a lot of work.


  • I would look at creating Post pages based on simple modules:

  • Hey again, I have followed your link and I could made some simple modules through which I can create dynamic pages, but I can't view them through cms view button neither through going to url directly. I have two modules for news and projects and I would like to have a details page for both of them of their individual items, like projects/{slug} but I can't get it to work and keep getting 404.
    One more thing, I can't get the results back in object form, I get it in array of array. How can I get it in object form for which I have a class extending from Base_post_item_model?

  • What does your module configuration look like for the pages?

    If you are getting an array of arrays instead of an array of objects, that's usually because you don't have a record items class setup or it is not setup correctly from the table class model (e.g. public $record_class = 'Example_record';).
    Custom Record Objects

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    This is how MY_fuel_modules.php defines modules

    $config['modules']['news'] = array('preview_path' => 'news/{slug}', 'pages' => array('base_uri' => 'news', 'per_page' => 10, 'layout' => 'nt_basic', 'list' => '_posts/posts', 'new' => '_posts/post'));
    $config['modules']['projects'] = array('preview_path' => 'projects/{slug}', 'pages' => array('base_uri' => 'projects', 'per_page' => 10, 'layout' => 'nt_basic', 'list' => '_posts/post', 'project' => '_posts/post'));

    I tried following your example and this is how I have defined in my News class extending from Base_posts_model
    public $record_class = 'New_model';
    And this is my data record class
    class New_model extends Base_post_item_model {}
    But I'm still getting array

  • Okay I have solved the array issue, I changed the value of $record_class from New_model to New

  • I am still stuck on the post page part. How can I view the post on a separate page from list of posts?

  • Did you set up a view to point it to in the configuration:

    'pages' => array(
        'base_uri' => 'articles',
        'per_page' => 10,
        'layout' => 'posts',
        'list' => 'articles/list',
        'post' => 'articles/detail',
  • Can you tell me if I point to my own layout in configuration like you have to posts, I have done it to nt_basic, it should use that layout, right? And what about the list and post keys? I have marked them to use _posts/list and _posts/post, also I am using my record model classes in place of post key

  • Does your news model have a slug field? Also, what appears if you go to /news/{slug} where {slug} is a record's slug value?

  • Yes, I do have it as I followed the simple module approach. When I go to news/{slug} it gives 404

  • Can you go to the Fuel_posts.php file and find all the $this->show_404() and determine if it's hitting any of those and if so which one?

  • Its breaking on the first find of show_404()

    // check if the page is allowed
    if (!$this->is_allowed())
  • The is_allowed is checked for an associated "view" to map to and it appears as though it's not finding one. If you look at the Fuel_posts::page_config() method, it appears to be returning NULL and isn't finding a key for "view" for the specified $this->page_type(). What is the value of $this->page_type() in that method?

  • Yes you are right, it is returning null and the value is slug which I think should find the slug value from database but the module_config method does not return anything

  • Instead of "new" => "_posts/post" use "slug" => "_posts/post"

  • Okay, does this matter if I am doing all this in cms page? I mean my main pages are made in cms and I have configured them in My_fuel_modules.php? I will try your solution ASAP!

  • A module's post pages are meant to be a way to dynamically create pages that use data from simple module and not necessarily a page created in the Pages module.

  • Okay, I understand now and I have got it working, but one thing why slug is working but not my record class object? like new or project?

  • There are predefined page routes that automatically get setup and slug is one of them. You were specifying a key that didn't have a route associated with it. These are the default keys and their associated routes (code lifted from Fuel_posts line 200).

    'archive' => $base_uri.'/archive(/$year:\d{4})(/$month:\d{1,2})?(/$day:\d{1,2})?',
    'tag' => $base_uri.'/tag/($tag:.+)',
    'category' => $base_uri.'/category/($category:.+)',
    'search' => $base_uri.'/search(/$q:.+)?',
    'list' => $base_uri,
    'post' => $base_uri.'/(\d{4})/(\d{2})/(\d{2})/($slug:.+)',
    'slug' => $base_uri.'/($slug:.+)'
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