Fuel or EE for integrating CI app within CMS?

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An upcoming project requires a specialized DB application (backend and user side) which I'll develop in Codeigniter. I am curious if FuelCMS will allow me to integrate the CI app within its CMS borders easier than EECMS will?

Is there any docs here that will help me understand the process to use in FuelCMS for this?



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    I would think it would. We built it with the idea that the CMS is secondary and that you should be able to use the framework as you would with a normal projects. The fuel/application folder is intended for your code and is the equivalent to the CodeIgniter application directory. The fuel specific stuff is mostly saved in the fuel/modules folder with some libraries and helpers found in the main application directory (those that are used more globally... like the asset library/helper)
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    From my experience so far, yes absolutely. Nothing stopping you running your CI controllers, helpers, models & libraries in plain CI.

    It's why I've chosen Fuel.
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