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Form builder question

I am building a form using form builder. I need to present users an option to select one image out of ten, I intend to use radio buttons for that. But I cannot see how can I put a thumbnail next to a radio...

What I need is for the form builder to output something like this:
<br /> <input value="4" name="R1" type="radio"><img src="foto/4.jpg"><br /> <input value="5" name="R1" type="radio"><img src="foto/5.jpg"><br /> <input value="6" name="R1" type="radio"><img src="foto/6.jpg"><br />

Is there a FuelCMS way of doing it?

PS I am not quite sure if it is the right place to ask questions, but I see no other fit category...


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    Oh, sorry, I do not see how can I delete a comment, so I might as well answer my own question.

    The answer is in reversing the value and key in the $options array:

    <br /> $image_default_options = array('0' => 'Nepasirinkta', '1' => '<img src="foto/1.jpg">', '2' => '<img src="foto/2.jpg">', '3' => '<img src="foto/3.jpg">');<br /> $fields['image_default'] = array('type' => 'enum', 'mode' => 'radios', 'options' => $image_default_options, 'label'=>'Kiti galimi paveikslėliai', 'null' => TRUE);<br />

    I was trying to do it this way at first:
    <br /> '<img src="foto/1.jpg">' => '1'<br />
    And it did not work.

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