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[Solved] Issues accessing method in an advanced module from helper function.

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I have created an advanced module whose main purpose is to call a 3rd party API and persist a bunch of returned values into the database. When users view them, I'd like to every so often refresh the values on-the-fly.

I added a function to the advanced module's helper functions file. It is added to Twig's "allowed_functions" list and so people can type `{show_ads()}` on a page and it should display the ads list. The function looks roughly as follows:

if (!function_exists('show_ads')) { function show_ads() { $CI = &get_instance(); // Refresh if needed $CI->fuel->my_advanced_module->refresh_cache(); // Load ads for display ... } }

To ensure that the 3rd party is not called every time someone views a page, I'd like to keep track of the last time a refresh occurred in a FUEL Site Variable.

class Fuel_my_advanced_module extends Fuel_advanced_module { // ... public function __construct($params = array()) { parent:GDN__construct(); $this->initialize($params); $this->fuel->load_model('fuel_sitevariables'); } function refresh_cache($force = FALSE) { // Call 3rd party, refresh cache.. // Update site variable $existing = $this->fuel_sitevariables_model->find_one(array( 'name' => 'last_refresh', 'active' => 'yes' )); if (empty($existing)) { $existing = $this->fuel->sitevars->create(); $existing->name = 'last_refresh'; } $existing->value = datetime_now(); $existing->save(); } }

`Fuel_sitevariables_model` extends `MY_Model` so it should have access to `find_one`. However upon invoking `$this->fuel_sitevariables_model->find_one` I end up in The `find` method does things differently to `find_one` and I do not get the desired functionality.

What am I doing wrong? I haven't put code in a class that extends `Fuel_advanced_module` before so this might be something trivial.

Thank you for the help.


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    Been battling this since yesterday evening. Just started a thread here and then solved the issue!

    I basically just replaced




    Interesting how that works. Usually when I want to access a model, I can load it using `$this->load->model('my_model')` and then just use it as `$this->my_model->find_one`. Are advanced modules way different in that regard?
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    This is actually a fundamental part of how CodeIgniter works. "$this" actually refers to the Controller object which is used to load resources etc. If you want to reference that object from within a different context, you must do something like the following:
    $CI =& get_instance();
    OR the FUEL specific function that returns that reference:
    FUEL's base model and libraries provide this reference for you through the CI property (which you discovered). Additionally, the fuel/application/views/_variables/global.php file which is used to inject global variables for view files has a $CI variable.
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