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I'm using the Forms module in Fuel. I have it installed in the admin and in the database. However, I cannot figure out how to call the form I made. Do I have to create a layout for it in Fuel, or is it automatically generated.

The forms fields I have are:
Inquiry (drop down)

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.


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    There is a form function you can call in which you pass it the key of your form:

    That function is simply just a wrapper around:
    $CI =& get_instance(); echo $CI->fuel->forms->get('my_form')->render();
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    I got the form to show up, but when I test it I get an error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function errors() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 60



    Severity: Error

    Message: Call to a member function errors() on a non-object

    Filename: controllers/Forms.php

    Line Number: 60

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    I was able to get it to display this message:

    Unable to send email using PHP mail(). Your server might not be configured to send mail using this method.
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    So it sounds like you were able to get the form to display but upon submission of the form you are getting the PHP mail error correct? If so, perhaps try this:
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    I have this for the code for my email.php page. The mail is setup through gsuite.
    public $protocol = 'smtp'; // mail/sendmail/smtp /** * STMP Server host * * @var string */ public $smtp_host = ''; /** * SMTP Username * * @var string */ public $smtp_user = ''; /** * SMTP Password * * @var string */ public $smtp_pass = '*********'; /** * SMTP Server port * * @var int */ public $smtp_port = 465; /** * SMTP connection timeout in seconds * * @var int */ public $smtp_timeout = 7; /** * SMTP persistent connection * * @var bool */ public $smtp_keepalive = TRUE; /** * SMTP Encryption * * @var string empty, 'tls' or 'ssl' */ public $smtp_crypto = 'ssl'; /** * Whether to apply word-wrapping to the message body. * * @var bool */ public $wordwrap = TRUE; /** * Number of characters to wrap at. * * @see CI_Email::$wordwrap * @var int */ public $wrapchars = 76; /** * Message format. * * @var string 'text' or 'html' */ public $mailtype = 'html'; /** * Character set (default: utf-8) * * @var string */ public $charset = 'iso-8859-1'; /** * Alternative message (for HTML messages only) * * @var string */ public $alt_message = ''; /** * Whether to validate e-mail addresses. * * @var bool */ public $validate = FALSE; /** * X-Priority header value. * * @var int 1-5 */ public $priority = 3; // Default priority (1 - 5) /** * Newline character sequence. * Use "\r\n" to comply with RFC 822. * * @link * @var string "\r\n" or "\n" */ public $newline = "\r\n"; // Default newline. "\r\n" or "\n" (Use "\r\n" to comply with RFC 822) /** * CRLF character sequence * * RFC 2045 specifies that for 'quoted-printable' encoding, * "\r\n" must be used. However, it appears that some servers * (even on the receiving end) don't handle it properly and * switching to "\n", while improper, is the only solution * that seems to work for all environments. * * @link * @var string */ public $crlf = "\n";
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    And this is the output when the form is sent - it shows up at the bottom of the page after the user presses send:

    220 ESMTP l64sm13541012pfi.142 - gsmtp
    hello: at your service, []
    250-SIZE 35882577
    250 SMTPUTF8
    from: 250 2.1.0 OK l64sm13541012pfi.142 - gsmtp
    data: 503 5.5.1 RCPT first. l64sm13541012pfi.142 - gsmtp
    The following SMTP error was encountered: 503 5.5.1 RCPT first. l64sm13541012pfi.142 - gsmtp
    reset: 250 2.1.5 Flushed l64sm13541012pfi.142 - gsmtp
    Unable to send email using PHP SMTP. Your server might not be configured to send mail using this method.
    Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 20:22:14 -0700
    From: "Website Form Submission"
    Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?Message=20from=20Website?=
    User-Agent: CodeIgniter
    X-Mailer: CodeIgniter
    X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
    Message-ID: <>
    Mime-Version: 1.0

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

    The following information was submitted from the Contact form:

    Name: Name
    Message: Send us a message
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    Are you directly editing the core library Email.php file? If so, I'd recommend either extending it with a fuel/application/libraries/MY_Email.php or create a fuel/application/libraries/email.php file.

    If you are seeing the email debugging message, it means the email wasn't sent (see line 1154 of fuel/modules/forms/library/Fuel_forms.php). You may have some issues with your SMTP settings. Also, if you want, I would test your mail outside of FUEL and using CodeIgniter's email library (which is what the Form module is using):
  • This issue with forms only happens when I point the MX records to Google Mail using g-suite. If I don't point the MX records away from the server then the forms work fine.

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