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Customization Questions

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I'm beginning a project with FuelCMS and had a couple of questions regarding my customization of this CMS for the website I'm working on.

1) Do I save all CSS, JS, images and other assets in the /assets folder or can/should I make these folders under the application folder instead? Another way of asking this: Is the assets folder hands-off (belonging to Fuel), or should it be used to house the site-specific asset files?
2) Can I just start making controllers under application/controllers, and then expect those functions to map to the URI in the pattern {controller name}/{function name}?



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    Ok, I answered question #2 myself. My goal essentially right now is to create a signup page that displays a form with information for the user to fill out to create an account, and that information gets sent to an external database, so there is no need for a model file. Can I use Fuel's form_builder to create this form without an actual model?
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    You don't need a model to use Form_builder. You can just pass it an array of field values using the set_fields method.

    With regards to your assets question, you can change the location of the assets folder but will need to also change it in the fuel/application/config/asset.php file as well as possibly the .htaccess (which blocks access to all files in the fuel folder accept for those found in the the fuel/modules/{module}/assets/). My recommendation would be to leave it as is unless you really need to change it.
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