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Hi all!
I have a "title" field with is a varchar field. When I edit it and save the form, it loses a space char.
Value i want to save: "Teatro Principal de València".
Value saved: "Teatro Principal deValència".

Other combinations don't seem to result in the same problem. "Principal de Valencia", "Principal de Alicante"... no problem.
The problem seems to be with the accented e.

Changing $auto_encode_entities to true or false doesn't make any difference (it does for the è but not for the space).
For now i saved it as "Teatro Principal de València" but I can't tell my client to do it that way.

I hope you understand my english. :)

Any help?


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    I'm assuming this is for a simple module you've created? Can you try adding the the following to your module config in fuel/application/config/MY_fuel_modules.php
    'sanitize_input' => array('template','php'),
    By default the value is 'sanitize_input' => array('template','php','xss_clean') which can sometimes cause issues.

    Also, are you using CKEditor or markItUp (default) for the text editor?
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    That worked!
    It's not a Wysiwyg, just a text field.


    And thank you very much for your work with Fuel CMS!!! It's GRRRRRREAT! ;)
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    The xss_clean function is a CI function that is suppose to remove potentially dangerous cross-site scripting code from strings (e.g. javascript, iframes...etcs). Sometimes it goes a little too far.
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