PHP7 support

edited January 2018 in Feature Requests
Just curious, what is the current status of PHP 7 support in FUEL CMS?

PHP 5.6 will be reaching its EOL at the end of this year, but our minimum server requirement is PHP 5.4. CI 3 is currently suggesting 5.6+, however it seems they made the necessary changes to support 7 (looks like it from the Travis build data:

I was able to run the site I'm working on in 7.1.9 mostly without problems on the develop branch but there were some "Notice"s shown. Just curious if we'll see FUEL CMS 2.0 at some point this year :-) The underlying framework (CI3) seems to be ready so there shouldn't be major blockers. I thought you might be waiting for CI4 and tackle a framework AND language change at the same time, but CI4 seems quite a way away.


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