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FUEL CMS PhpStorm Plugin - Version 0.1.0 released

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Hey guys,

I've been practicing PhpStorm plugin development the past few weeks and as a result started a plugin for FUEL CMS!

Version 0.1.0 helps with the FUEL CMS CLI's "Generate" functionality. Here's a short video:

You can get it here ( or by searching directly in the PhpStorm "Plugins" window.

If you have any particular feature requests do let me know via Github. Thanks!



  • Nice. I use Atom myself so won't be using it but nice job anyway :)
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    It's really simple stuff so far. On the horizon is:

    * Ctrl+Clicking on fuel_block('blah') to automatically open up 'blah.php';
    * Wizard for installing modules;
    * Custom test runner for running tests using the FUEL CMS Tester module.

    And my most wanted features:
    * Code completion for column names inside models;
    * Warnings about mistyped column names.
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