Adding Block's to Custom Module.

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I have created a module and added a block to one of the field like below .

$fields = parent::form_fields($values, $related);
$fields['block'] = array('type' => 'block', 'folder' => 'sections');

And also made that field as serialize to save array as a string in DB as we do it in Pages Variable.

Issue is whenever , on saving the form from Admin UI its updated in DB but on clicking edit,
Block fields are not populated


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    For the block layouts, you'll need to set the model property to be your module's model. By default, it will pull values from the Fuel_pagevariables_model.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. It's working now !!!

    now my block layout look's like in C:\xampp\htdocs\fuel_cms\fuel\application\config\MY_fuel_layouts.php

    $posts_img = new Fuel_block_layout('posts_img');
    $posts_img->set_label('Posts Images');
    $posts_img->add_field('title', array());
    $posts_img->add_field('content', array('type' =>'text'));
    $posts_img->add_field('image', array('type' =>'asset'));
    $posts_img->set_model('Journals_model'); // NOTE THIS IS ADDED TO THE 'blocks' key and not the 'layouts' key !!!! $config['blocks']['posts_img'] = $posts_img;
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