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Docs :- Fuel Layout Class page

edited October 2017 in Bug Reports
Hi, I cannot access this documentation page...


A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Runtime Notice

Message: Declaration of Fuel_backup::initialize() should be compatible with Fuel_base_library::initialize($params = Array)

Filename: libraries/Fuel_backup.php

Line Number: 518



  • rl2rl2
    edited 7:31PM
    Really struggling to get to grips with Fuel in some areas as the documentation isn't strong enough. And in this case the page fails to load... I have added custom fields to a custom layout inside the MY_fuel_layouts.php of the 'enum' type. They appear okay in the CMS, but if I save a page as 'No' it just keeps reseting every time I reload the page. :(

    $options = array('yes' => 'yes', 'no' => 'no');
    $useful->add_field( 'test', array('type' => 'enum', 'mode' => 'radios', 'options' => $options) );
  • edited 7:31PM
    Thanks for the report on the fuel_layouts page. That has been fixed.

    Regarding your issue, is it saving to the fuel_pagevariables table?
  • rl2rl2
    edited 7:31PM
    Thanks for fixing the documentation page.

    Yes, it was saving into the correct table in the db. I have instead gone straight into MY_fuel_layouts.php and addedf into the $config['layouts']['view'] structure instead and it's working as required.
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