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Permissions not saved

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I've created a new user, but when I want to assign permissions to this user, it is not saved.
I have two Fuel sites on one instance. One is doing ok but for the other one I cannot save them.

Can you please point in the right direction.



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    What do you mean by 2 FUEL sites on one instance? Specifically, how is that setup? Typically it's just one installation per site.
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    I have 2 application folders. Renamed them ofcourse, but they serve different sites.
    Works like a charm.
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    When you say cannot save them, do you mean when you create the permission it's throwing an error or doing something else?
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    When I click a user and try to add a permission by clicking a checkbox, the checkbox is unchecked again after saving.

    If I go to Permissions and add a user to the right box. After saving the user is in the left box again.
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    Does the fuel_relationships table have the same indexes and what version of FUEL are you using?
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    The fuel_relationsships tables have the same indexes on both databases.
    I'm using version 1.4

    Which file is storing the user permissions? Maybe I can start debugging there.
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    That is happening in the MY_Model::process_relationships() method around line 3346. The Fuel_users_model has a has_many relationship to the Fuel_permissions_model which gets processed via the on_after_save hook.
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