Restore from previous version: How to make it work for ajax and multi table

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Hello Sir,
Restore from previous version works smoothly.
But the functionality which I am not able to figure out is to make it workable for multi table and ajax calls.
For example in my case I am loading some data using ajax calls.
And those data are not getting stored for restore functionality.
So at the end I am not getting those data.
The same issue I am having in the module where xeditable is used.

This issue is faced when multiple tables are used in a single module.


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    The Base_module_model in which your models inherit from has a couple methods you can overwrite "archive" which will save the data to the archive and "get_archive" which will retrieve the data. You may want to look into overwriting those values to ensure that the relationship data is getting saved at the same time. Also, if you are saving that data outside of the normal create/edit page, you may need to use the "archive" method to save that version of data. The fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/Module.php file currently implements this in it's create and edit methods.
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