Pagetitle and content addition

How can we replace Pagetitle and add the content to a existing manually created CI page based on the pagetitle and content created in a php file using Fuel CMS?

The objective is that whenever I click on a particular link in existing CI page, the Page Title, Content, Meta content should be added into the existing page from a newly created php page in Fuel CMS based on matching URI.


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    Have you reviewed these pages in the documentation yet. These may be helpful:
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    Yes, I am going through these pages. I am new to FUEL CMS, so request your expertise on this one. I am trying on the same lines provided in the pages suggested above. I have created a page called MyProject/search/Item1 in FUEL CMS. I have already a same page called MyProject/search/Item1(Controller) which was created using CI. The title should be replaced and Content should be appended from the page created in fuel cms in existing controller page.

    I have added below entry in _variables-> global.php
    $pages['MyProject/search/Item1'] = array('page_title' => 'CustomTitle');

    In the MyProject/search/Item1 fuel page there is a message saying "There is already a controller method assigned to this page". I am not able to see the changes when i click on MyProject/search/Item1. It is redirecting to original controller without any modification of title and content
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    Can you please let me know your thoughts on my query, since I am awaiting your inputs?
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    I'm not quite clear on your setup. Do you have a controller setup for a page that you simply just want the variables created in the CMS? If so, you can access the page variables in your controller like so:
    $vars = $this->fuel->pagevars->retrieve(''MyProject/search/Item1');
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    Yes, i required the variables and the below statement helps to retrieve it. Cheers
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