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Trigger ajax call

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I have a model with some code in function form_fields:
$fields['cat_id']['order'] = 2;
$fields['cat_id']['label'] = 'Category';
$fields['cat_id']['type'] = 'select';
$fields['cat_id']['options'] = $categories->options_list();
$fields['cat_id']['first_option'] = 'Choose Category..';
$fields['cat_id']['value'] = $category_id;

$fields['sub_cat']['order'] = 3;
$fields['sub_cat']['label'] = 'Sub Category';
$fields['sub_cat']['type'] = 'dependent';
$fields['sub_cat']['depends_on'] = 'cat_id';
$fields['sub_cat']['ajax_data_key_field'] = 'category_id';
$fields['sub_cat']['url'] = fuel_url('pm/pm_sub_categories/ajax/options');
$fields['sub_cat']['multiple'] = FALSE;
$fields['sub_cat']['value'] = $sub_category_id;

How to manually trigger ajax call in field sub_cat with javascript?
I try $("#sub_cat").change() with no success.


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    I have to do it manually because if i change option in category, sub_cat_item not change its options.

    Additional code in function form_fields:
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['order'] = 4;
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['label'] = "Sub Category Item";
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['type'] = 'dependent';
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['depends_on'] = 'sub_cat';
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['ajax_data_key_field'] = 'sub_category_id';
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['url'] = fuel_url('pm/pm_sub_category_items/ajax/options');
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['multiple'] = FALSE;
    $fields['sub_cat_item']['value'] = $values['sub_cat_item_id'];
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