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I'm new and trying to manage user account in fuel CMS admin (v1.4), I created a non super admin user A and enable the manage user and Pages function to this user (no access right for permission). When this user login and create another new user B, this new user B didn't have any permission to anything by default. Any idea how to setup to let user A can select permissions that he'd already granted for other users ? Or at least give user B same permission as User A ?


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    What happens if you do give them access to permissions?
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    If give user A access to permission, then he can assign all permission to other users including those user A didn't have.
    e.g. I give user A only Assets, Pages, Users and Permissions access rights. When user A login and he can't access other pages besides of these 4 sections. But when user A create another user B, then all permissions he can assign to user B including blocks, site variables, etc.
    Is it possible to restrict user A to give permissions to others (e.g. only those he is granted) ?
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    As I remember, according to http://docs.getfuelcms.com/general/user-management
    .... "A user with the permission to manage users, will be restricted to assigning the same permissions that they have access to"...
    So don't know whether I missed something or anything I set is wrong... thanks.
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    I think that was meant to be interpreted as that whatever permissions have been set in the system, they will have the ability to assign those permissions to the user. At this time, it is not possible to restrict a user to their given permissions... it's all or nothing right now.
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