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Fuel Navigation > Choose Language

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Hi! At CMS, The Navigation module doesn´t have the option to select a language for each menu item. How can i add it ? Thanks!


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    Did you add in your fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php multiple languages to the config similar to below?
    // Languages for pages. The key is saved to the page variables $config['languages'] = array( 'english' => 'English', 'sp' => 'Spanish', 'de' => 'German', );
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    Yes. How can i load the default language file using fuel instead the native CI lang->load() ?

    I am getting "Unable to load the requested language file: language/english/_lang.php"
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    Where are you getting that error?

    Also, just confirming that the above was added to the MY_fuel.php file and not the fuel/application/config.php file.
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    At the entire website, included admin pages.
    Yes, added inside MY_fuel.php

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    The error seems to be related with the lang() function. This isn´t working with the selected language. Only if i do a native CI lang->load() starts to work fine.
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