Where datatables get initialized ? need to add some properties

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I want to add datatables properties like
buttons: [
{extend: 'copy',className: 'btn-sm'},
{extend: 'csv',title: 'ExampleFile', className: 'btn-sm'},
{extend: 'pdf', title: 'ExampleFile', className: 'btn-sm'},
{extend: 'print',className: 'btn-sm'}
But couldn't find it. Any guide on, how to add this ?


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    There's a property on the module called "table_actions" which have the default value of
    array('EDIT', 'VIEW', 'DELETE')
    You can use a key/value for the array as well to specify the URL (key) and the label (value). The EDIT, VIEW and DELETE are just shortcuts the FUEL translates them to the proper URLs.
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