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Hi, I'm new in fuel cms and setup v1.4 already. I'm trying CMS Page function and have a question about the variable file.
Is it CMS page will not load the corresponding variable file ?
(e.g. I had a CMS page which location is : /index, all variables inside _variables/index.php will not load except those variables in _variables/global.php is loaded normally). Thanks !


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    If you are wanting to load variables for the home page, use "home.php" for the variables file name instead.
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    Thanks for reply, I give some test to load the corresponding variable file. If it is the opt-in (use view file) way, it works. But for a page create in CMS admin then it is not. (e.g. cms page with location "home" will not load _variables/home.php, but I remove the cms page, instead use a view file "views/home.php", then all variable inside _variables/home.php is loaded)
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    Just describe more for trouble shooting here:
    I create 2 CMS page in cms admin which location is "about" & "about/team", and I load and show a variable $test in both page.
    Step 1.
    $vars['test'] = 'global'; // put inside "_variables/global.php"
    in this case both about and about/team show 'global'

    Step 2.
    $vars['test'] = 'about'; // put inside "_variables/about.php"
    in this case both about and about/team show 'about', variables in about.php overwrite global.php, so far so good.

    Step 3.
    $vars['test'] = 'team'; // put inside "_variables/about/team.php"
    in this case about/team still showing 'about', variables in team.php not load (seems all variables put in team.php is not load... is it normal ?)

    p.s. I didn't create "About" controller in this test.
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    _variables files shouldn't be in subfolders. In that case your would put your about/team page specific variables in the _variables/about.php file using the $pages variable instead of the $vars variable:
    $pages['about/team'] = array('test' => 'team');
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    thanks for the advice. I'll follow this.
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