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Opt-in Controller, CMS (Pages) & controller class, a little bit confuse

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Hi I'm new in fuelcms, just setup version 1.4 and start to play. Very impressive of the performance but I'm a little confuse about the controller.

If I have a controller class defined (let's say 'About'), and the only method is index, so that I can visit http://mysite/about without problem, I created a view file in /fuel/application/views/test/demo.php (without controller class and variable file) and I can browse http://mysite/test/demo, it is opt-in controller, so far so good. But when I created a view file at /fuel/application/views/about/contact.php, it return 404. Is it because I'd a controller class "About", so that all view files in folder '/fuel/application/views/about/' not work (even I didn't have the filename same as any method name in the controller class)

After that I create a page in admin CMS which I set the location to 'about/team (no view file and variable file, just put some content in body variable). And same as before, when I go http://mysite/about/team, it return 404 too (I checked the /fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php, fuel_mode is set to AUTO)...

So my question is : is it - once the controller class exists (even though the class didn't have a match method name to uri method segment), both admin CMS page and opt-in controller not work ? Or should I need to set something in config file ?

Thanks a lot !


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    one more question: when I tried to use fuel_page in controller as below, it always return :
    Unable to load the requested class: Fuel_page, any clue for a newbie ? thanks a lot !

    $vars = array('page_title' => 'Team: My Website');
    $this->load->module_library(FUEL_FOLDER, 'fuel_page', array('location' => 'about/team'));
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    In that "about/contact" example, you'll need to add the method to your controller. If I remember correctly, it use to work in 1.3.2 using some pre_controller hooks to but changes in CI 3 I believe broke that and would require rewriting some core files.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    In "about/contact" example, I add a method name "contact" in controller class, now it return an empty page (not 404, I think it is because I didn't put any code inside the method). So, is this mean the all opt-in with same controller class name (in this case, opt-in for about/:any) not work if the controller class exists (in this case, About controller) ? (because in my case, if the controller class is not there, the CMS page and view files in folder /fuel/application/views/about/* all work normally.

    And about the fuel_page error : Unable to load the requested class: Fuel_page, please give me some advice how to solve the issue, thank you very much.
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    Maybe I simplify my questions:
    1. MVC controller and opt-in controller can't be the same (e.g. about/contact is mvc controller, about/team is from cms opt-in, now once I have a about controller class then the opt-in controller always return 404) ?

    2. $this->load->module_library is not work after v1.0 ? (I'm using v1.4)

    Thanks a lot !
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    1. To your first question, you are correct in that if the controller exists it will route all "about/..." to the "About" controller and you will need to include a method.

    2. For you Fuel_pages error, try the following instead (also found on this page:
    $vars = array('page_title' => 'Contact : My Website'); $this->fuel->pages->render('about/contact', $vars);

    3. Are you library classes upper case?
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    Thanks, I figure it now, that is the methods i put in my About class (it is upper case), which "contact" is loading a view file and "team" is loading CMS page (for cms page, I need to specify "rendor_mode" to let it load from cms, although fuel_mode is set to AUTO). Don't know whether it is the correct way to do that.

    function contact() {

    function team() {
    $vars = $this->fuel->pagevars->retrieve('about/team');
    $this->fuel->pages->render('about/team', $vars, array('render_mode' => 'cms'));

    When I study the user guide, I found a issue at "News Variables File" paragraph (in It mention about put a variable in .../views/_variables/news.php and then it'll carry to all the pages under the news section. I tried other variables, it really can carry forward work like that, but for 'view' it can't (return 404 when I access http://mysite/news/something, which something is slug and it exists in the database). After I change the variable to $pages['news/:any'] then it work. A little bit strange... anyway I'm enjoy to adapt the framework and thanks for your help.
  • According to this issue, using the About.php Controller and a /views/about.php opt-in controller doesn't work anymore as described here:, right?

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