undefined folder created even when sub-folder field is left blank while image upload

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Hi Admin,

I had assets_allow_subfolder_creation set to TRUE intially which gave the option to create a sub-directory during upload. But even if I remove the default undefined sub-folder value and set it to blank(via the visible input field).
Then too the image is uploaded with undefined/image_name, on checking further the value field of the sub_folder field is not getting cleared.



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    Can you provide a code example?
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    Hi Admin,

    Again sorry for the delayed response!

    So the file fuel\modules\fuel\config\fuel.php consist of the variable
    $config['assets_allow_subfolder_creation'] = TRUE;
    When the above variable is set to true and when I try to upload the image from backend, I get a folder created by-default named undefined. I am attaching the screenshot for confirmation.
    by_default_upload_view.png is the image of the module with by default value as undefined. Here, I removed the undefined text from the sub-folder field and tried uploading the image PFA the screenshot for reference.
    PFA the filename undefined_folder_created.png image for reference showing undefined folder created at the default upload destination.

    The probable cause of the issue is the undefined not being removed from the value of the subfolder field even when the field is emptied manually, PFA screenshot for it as well.


    https://ibb.co/cRQZZk - by_default_upload_view
    https://ibb.co/f54YS5 - removed_undefined_n_uploaded_image
    https://ibb.co/dHaJuk - undefined_folder_created
    https://ibb.co/jT7RfQ - undefined_not_removed_even_when_subfodler_field_empty
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    Thanks for the explaining the problem in detail. I've posted a fix in the develop branch:
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