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Updating the URL for site/fuel to site/admin

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Hi Admin,

So we are able to access the fuel admin panel at . I was trying to update the link to something which is more client friendly for accessing the admin panel.

By Altering the value for my_fuel.php config file's fuel_path value and renaming the base level fuel directory but didn't work.
Also altered index.php at the web-root for handling the INSTALL_ROOT path.

Ran into a lots of issues. Is there some sort of existing resource or discussion that you would like to suggest/point out.



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    The fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php $config['fuel_path'] value should be all you need to change without renaming the folder.
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    Awesome.. Worked. I though if I change the path I have to change the folder name as well.
    Thanks alot!
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    Very good, it is very helpful
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