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Blog module languages

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The Blog module post table has a "languages" field but this doesn't appear in the CMS CRUD.

I'd like to make use of it, but store the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code instead of language, preferably (eg 'de' for German, 'gb' for UK and so on).

There doesn't seem to be any documentation on the language feature? I see there is a language_codes config file, but this seems to be for RSS feeds?

On this occasion, I'm actually using the module (and Fuel CMS) as a "headless cms" for API json content delivery, and would like to allow a filter for country content.


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    For the language field to show up, there needs to be more then one array value specified in the MY_fuel.php config for language (which isn't in there by default):
    // Languages for pages. The key is saved to the page variables $config['languages'] = array( 'english' => 'English', 'de' => 'German', );
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    Fabulous! Couldn't be bettered!

    I just found the languages section in the docs, I'd never noticed it before!
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