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Variable Scope Across Blocks

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I'm finding that params provided to fuel_block() are existing across further calls to fuel_block within the same page load.


{fuel_block('some_block', array(foobar='123'))}

<?= (isset($foobar) ? $foobar : 'not set') ?>


I would expect the output to be "123 not set". Is this intended functionality? If so how to I unset the parameters provided so that further calls to a fuel block does not require my users to provide a full set of params?




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    That would seem to be expected behaviour. Perhaps the second call should be more like:
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    Just seems a little odd to me as it kills any ability for further blocks to have 'default' like behaviour, which in turn makes it more complicated for my users of the CMS.
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    There is a 'scope' parameter you can pass as an argument to fuel_block's configuration array which can help ensure that those values are unique. The scope value should be a unique string key.
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