Email address validation

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I have a form field of type "email". According to the documentation the email address is validated.
The system accepts ggg@ggg as valid email address. ggg@ggg. is correctly marked as invalid.


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    I found the error. It is in jquery.validate.js line 1063. The regex is defined as proposed here:

    This accepts email addresses without TLD. From my point of view in "normal" use cases only email addresses with tld should be valid...

    what is your opinion?
  • I normally go with the specifications on the basis that those that write them know more about the subject than I do.

    But I take your point. I guess it's down to your site's requirements?
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    hmmm seems to be in another place too... changing the regex in jquery.validate.min.js did not work...
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    Yes, we have a contact form for an enduser to buy tickets for an event.
    The problem is that in case of an "invalid" mail address test@test without the TLD the form gets submitted, but the user will never get the confirmation mail for his order... also the order is not saved in the database, because FUEL validates the data before saving and the validation implemented in PHP marks the address as invalid... but this is not returned to the form, because I switched on JS validation for the form...
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