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Managing multiple sites from a central place

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does anyone here have any experience in multi-site management from a central site? A client wants to be able to update seven different FuelCMS sites from a central location, and I was wondering whether there's a go-to solution for this.

I'm guessing FuelCMS does not have anything like this out of the box, right? I was thinking of using JWTs and just POST'ing signed payloads to the different endpoints.



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    Because FUEL CMS is a intended to be a hybrid between a CMS and framework, it will depend on how far you go into the framework side of things... meaning, if the sites require their own application directories, modules, view files, layouts etc. Although I have never set up a multi-site solution because of the required differences between sites, there are a couple of things I figured I'd share that may be of use:

    1. You can have a separate database for each site and change it in the database.php config based on the domain.
    2. You can have a separate application directory for each site and specify it in the index.php bootstrap file.
    3. The fuel/application/config/asset.php config can be used to map to where the asset folders are for their respective sites.
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    Thanks for the input, admin.

    Would any of these suggestions work if the sites are all on different servers? They're all hosted in different countries, and I'm not sure whether the databases will be accessible externally on all of them either (meaning I'll need to use 'localhost' in the database.php file). Your suggestions are for when you have multiple websites' data hosted on the same server, right?

    I'm not sure about schema consistency, will have to ask the client but I'm 99% sure that all servers will have identical table structure for tables I'm interested in (news articles, possibly something else).
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    You are correct in that my suggestions were for if the sites were located on the same server so I'm not sure if what I've suggested above will quite work for you.
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