CKEDITOR - Prevent to remove i tags regarding font awesome

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Hi, I need to add this statement: CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty['i'] = false
to the fuelCMS ckeditor configuration. I can´t find the way to add this.
Here is the suggested hack to fix it:

Thanks a lot!


  • Edit ./fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/editors/ckeditor/config.js. Add CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty['i'] = false; inside the last closing bracket ("}")

    I have that exact fix working. Take care though. CKEditor's javascript does weird caching things in browsers so don't panic or doubt yourself if you think it doesn't work. Clear your caches, restart the browser etc. should get it to kick at some point.

    Another handy hint for FontAwesome, add:
    $config['xtra_css'] = array('font-awesome.min.css');
    to your MY_fuel.php config file

    Also, create a ./assets/css/ckeditor.css, reference the fontawesome css in it and add/edit editors.php config file's
    $config['ckeditor']['default'] = array( 'contentsCss' => WEB_PATH.'assets/css/ckeditor.css' );

    All that should give you FontAwesome inside the Fuel interface and CKEditor.
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    Awesome! Thanks a lot!
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    When you say "reference the fontawesome css" , means import the fontawsome css? i´m not fully understand it.
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    Hey! This is working fine, i did import the css and goes great!
    I added the removeEmpty["i"] because i was losing the image when switching to html source code from the toolbar. But, upon add the statement ( and cleared cache as you suggested) the error still sitting here.

    Thank you for your help!
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