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First I had to enter the captcha 50000 times to figure out if it wanted a space or not, between words, since there are NO instructions, and also the forum domain, finally guessed that from my url bar, but again no instructions. LAME UX/UI. Not all the needed anyway, since only like 50 people seem to use the forums. Hardly a hacker honey pot.

Then I confirmed and resent confirmation and reconfirmed my email 4 times, logged out, logged in, twice, and still it shows the need to confirm my email address popup covering my forum pages bottom corners.

Docs don't match code, examples like google analytics don't work, capitalization is STILL an issue after how many years, in the model and controller names? Existing codeigniter code doesn't work. Like sturgeons rest stuff and so on. Super frustrated with the three days ive spent with fuelCMS so far, just getting basic libraries to actually load. Finally had to scrap things Ive used in CI for years now, and start over with this.

Now that's its running, I am wading around in a ten miles of abstracted crap and partials and views and blocks and blah blah blah that doesn't like up with the docs, isn't documented or captioned - like half the form fields on various things in the dashboard forms that leave you wondering what goes in those boxes, or what will work and what won't.

Obviously programmers who don't know how to make good UX/UI made this, and the documentation doesn't even work. First example? Try installing the user guide module - the flagship example, then wade for hours through forums to find out it's badly capitalized. HOW MANY YEARS has that been a problem now? Then the google analytics module - no dice seems ancient compared to modern modules and install info on the github for it doesn't work out either. scrapped that too after way too much wasted time.

Bunch of half finished stuff, here, what exactly DOES work about this CMS?

See in the "what did you build thread" that people seem to like this, but I didn't see anyone actually doing anything but publishing pages that they could have made in static html - it's frustrating.

Main beef, put some help on the forum sign up page so its not a goose chase clusterfuck of proving im human, I doubt any robots give a poop about this forum as is anyway. Because people are gonna need these forums to get anything working with this kit.

yes, I am frustrated, and mad and under pressure on a deadline and need all this to work like the marketing site says it will, but a spin through the lengthy forums shows Im not the only one. WAY too much time wasted on poorly documented and crazily leveled abstractions.

How do you remove fuel from the query string? Even that doesn't work, Ive read countless threads on people trying to make a sensible folder structure out of this mess for version control and work by real developers, in groups, but no answers. Just "maybe its a capitalization issue" for FOUR YEARS NOW.

Ugh. I want my three days back.


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    Corky, I'm sorry for your frustration. The truth is that FUEL is showing it's age some and hasn't been given a ton of love recently as we decide to work on other projects. As I tell my kids, be part of the problem or part of the solution. The project is open source for a reason so if you are going to invest the time to rant on the Forum (which I'm totally fine with and even agree with a lot of your criticisms), please follow it up with a pull request to make the project better.
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    To follow up, the develop branch (1.4) has the latest version of CI on it now and will be pushed to master here once we vet it a little more if you are interested in that which will fix the casing issues with other modules.
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    I see there is at least one direct question above "How do you remove fuel from the query string?" Are you referring to the URI segment "/fuel" for the admin?
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    Yes, that is a primary question. No one building commercial or enterprise software or really any kind of client or public facing software needs your vanity segment in the url. It's very unprofessional. It doesn't say wordpress or magento or cake or zend in ~their~ urls... poor form.

    Here are some bugs in your forum too - indicative of sloppiness found throughout.

    Oh wait, I can't attach images here, like you can in every other php based forum since the 1990s... So never mind the helpful screenshots. The thing still says I need to email confirm, I've done that twice and obviously I am already posting so that is covering a corner of my screen needlessly now.

    Your search results in google for "fuelcms forum" have big old spelling errors in them showing to the world for forum area quick links. Search your stuff for "Advanved modules" (as opposed to "advanced") it appears as such more than once.

    As for using development branch. Tried it - and that blew EVERYTHING up after merging with the master branch code and it took my another burnt hour to fix it all again after that.

    As for commiting patches - I'm more likely to fork, COMPLETELY refactor into something that isn't just all over the place - like the terrible idea to include one time include config files ~just~ to move them away from the place codeigniter MADE for config files. and put thing into a structure that actually DOES work with existing CI3 code, and the multiple libraries out there that DONT work in fuel thanks to the need to add complexity to the dir structure for the sake of .... i have no idea why you did this.

    HMVC worked, CI worked, Fuel just makes a mess of it, but the features are salient, so I am going to fork and make it like an enterprise app for a team of coder SHOULD be, and use it internally. I doubt I will publish that, because it would basically invalidate a huge amount of your work, and be a totally different beast with just some of your code in it in the end.

    So yes, at the end of the day - where is the config variable to actually remove fuel from the query string. And ideally from the folder naming. Your goal in a framework and CMS is to be invisible to the outside world and ideally almost invisible to coders in a hybrid such as this. Or at least configurable so that a team can name things what they want. And the config var in index.php for the path doesn't do it. I read a thread here where someone else wanted to do this, mostly just to rename the application folder and he wrote a multi-step guide here on how to do it, but it doesn't remove the fuel folder - he gave up on that. Perhaps you recall that discussion.

    But basically you admit you abandoned this to work on other things. Which means it wouldn't work for the other things? Hrm. that says a lot.
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    To change the "vanity URL" of the FUEL admin, go to fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php and change the very first $config variable in that file like so:
    $config['fuel_path'] = 'admin/';

    Upgrading to 1.4 will cause issues if you are using 1.3.x. There is a command line tool that can be run to help with this:
    php index.php fuel/installer/update

    It sounds like you've made your choice and that FUEL isn't something you are interested in helping. If you are looking for another CMS option that is commercially supported with a team of developers, I'd take a look at something like Craft CMS.
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    Hi, I would like to contribute on github. Is there any development strategy? Would you guys have time to setup some kind of todo and lead?
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    Thanks for you interest jankube and willingness to help. Our current development status is to roll out 1.4 probably later this month which will include the CI 3 update and follow up bug fixes and minor updates. The Asset area is in need of help and that's been discussed as a potential focus for future updates. We are pretty open to discussions and ideas though.
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