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I have the same codebase on a server in production and development environments.

I moved recent dev code to production OK, but the asset cache couldn't be used in the same way it was on dev. Usually, the production & dev code uses the "combine" asset setting. But on production the cache files for js and css were not being written.

I upped the log level and found this:
ERROR - 2017-01-15 10:30:36 --> Severity: Warning --> opendir(/home/xxx/public_html/assets/cache/cache/): failed to open dir: No such file or directory ...

So I commented out the cache key in
$config['assets_folders'] = array( ... ... 'cache' => 'cache/' // removed );
and then the asset cache files were able to be generated again in /assets/cache. But I feel uneasy that this doesn't really address the problem, and that this may bite me later.

Why would the cache folder be (incorrectly) nested as per the opendir log entry?


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    In other environments however, removing the cache key from assets_folders results in the cache file being located in the assets root. So now I'm doing this...
    // odd we have to do this... if(ENVIRONMENT !== 'production') { $config['assets_folders']['cache'] = 'cache/'; }

    What is this further asset config for?
    // cache folder relative to the web root folder... must be writable directory (default is the application/assets/cache folder) $config['assets_cache_folder'] = 'cache/';

    In the latest Fuel (v1.3.2) this has no trailing slash. But the comment suggest it is set in the application folder in any case??
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    That comment is incorrect. It's actually just the assets/cache/ folder. What version are you using in production?
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    I've just updated to the latest.
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