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Custom Admin Entry

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I try to create an custom entry within the Admin-Navigation.
The common way is creating a model and adding it to the config - but is there any way to simply create an navigation point within the admin menu that is not binded to a table and for Example simply performs a task such as echoing "Test" in the content area of the administration Area?

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    Yes. You can overwrite the navigation in the by overriding the 'nav' config in MY_fuel.php. The default navigation (found in the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel.php which will be overwritten by MY_fuel.php) is the following:
    // Site... Dashboard will always be there $config['nav']['site'] = array( 'dashboard' => lang('module_dashboard'), 'pages' => lang('module_pages'), 'blocks' => lang('module_blocks'), 'navigation' => lang('module_navigation'), 'tags' => lang('module_tags'), 'categories' => lang('module_categories'), 'assets' => lang('module_assets'), 'sitevariables' => lang('module_sitevariables') ); // My modules... if set to empty array, then it will automatically include all in MY_fuel_modules.php $config['nav']['modules'] = array(); // Tools $config['nav']['tools'] = array(); // Manage $config['nav']['manage'] = array( 'users' => lang('module_users'), 'permissions' => lang('module_permissions'), 'manage/cache' => lang('module_manage_cache'), 'logs' => lang('module_manage_activity'), 'settings' => lang('module_manage_settings'), );
    Additionally, there is the following config parameter you may want to set to FALSE in your MY_fuel.php file to have more control of the ordering:
    // Will auto arrange the navigation into the normal order $config['nav_auto_arrange'] = TRUE;
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