Help with different tasks and solving problems

I beg you to help with these issues:

1. Is there a login module, user registration and personal account with a minimal set of features?
2. Is it possible to ask for a different website template, depending on the category id when viewing entries in the category and is similar to the full blog article page
3. How to display the search box on articles on the main page of the site with a choice on what category to look for?
4. Is it possible to make the creation of articles on a single page of the site? (Without admin center)
5. Is it possible to add new fields to create in the admin center, depending on the category? Different fields in each category adding articles

Thanks in advance, I thank you very much for your help!


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    1. FUEL does not have one. IonAuth or Tank Auth is a popular CI one that can be leveraged though:
    2. From your view file, you can use <?php fuel_set_var('layout', 'my_new_layout')?> 3. You would need to use either the fuel_model() function or load the categories model (e.g. $CI->load->module_model(FUEL_FOLDER, 'categories_model')); Then use the loaded model and query for the article objects you want to appear in your select list options. I'd recommend reading more on Models here: 4. You would need to create your own controller logic to save to the Articles_model for that. 5. Not out of the box for the Blog module (the dynamic ability to add fields is relegated to the Pages module).
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    What is the cost ($) of assistance in the implementation of these issues so I can go on myself edited?
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