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Curl class exec multi

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I'm interested in trying out a multi session curl call, but I'm not clear how to do this with the Fuel curl class.

Can you provide an example?



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    If you add multiple sessions before executing, it will run it as a multi_session CURL:
    $this->load->library('curl'): $this->curl->add_session(''); $this->curl->add_session(''); $results = $this->curl->exec();
    By default, the block_size is set to 5 which means it will run 5 CURL requests at a time.
    The $results will be an array of info from the CURL requests.
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    But these could be POSTs too?
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    There are second and third options that can be passed to add_session. The second parameter is where you can specify the type of CURL request and there is a shortcut of "post" you can use:
    $this->curl->add_session('', 'post');
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    I'm thinking of using POSTS to see if these can be used as "asynchronous" calls using exec_multi.
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