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Missing blog categories

edited December 2016 in Installation
I'm trying to update Fuel & the blog module to the latest version. However, I get "Unable to locate the file: blog_categories.php" as a general error in both the front end and CMS after doing so. I don't know where this file should be or what it is. Is it a config file?


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    OK this is something to do with the case of the model and controller names in the blog module - lower casing them seem to solve the error. I think I may have been in this situation before!
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    Are no posts being found on the front end or backend? If the front end, what is the route you are using to access the post?
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    Weirdness - having changed case, everything works now, but it took a while. Cache issues?
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    Do you have any caching setup for PHP like XCache, APC or OPCache?
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