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Join in _common_query() used in find_all()?

edited December 2016 in Modules

I would like to access data from a joined table (SERIES) when I access my model (EMISSIONS) using the find_all() method. Am I correct in understanding that I can do this by declaring the join in the common_query() method of my model? If so, I can't seem to get it to work.

Here is the find_all() used in my global variables file:

$vars ['emissions'] = $CI->emissions_model->find_all(array(),null,3,null,'array');

Here is my EMISSIONS model file:

class Emissions_model extends Base_module_model { protected $key_field = 'em_id'; function __construct() { parent::__construct('emissions'); // table name } function list_items($limit = NULL, $offset = NULL, $col = 'em_titre', $order = 'asc') { $this->db->join('series', 'series.ser_identifiant = emissions.em_identifiant', 'left'); $this->db->select('em_id, em_titre "TITRE DE L\'\ÉMISSION", ser_nom AS SÉRIE, em_annee AS ANNÉE, em_mois AS MOIS, em_jour AS JOUR', FALSE); $data = parent::list_items($limit, $offset, $col, $order); return $data; } function _common_query() { parent::_common_query(); // to do active and published $this->db->join('series', 'series.ser_identifiant = emissions.em_identifiant', 'left'); $this->db->order_by('em_lastmod asc'); } } class Emission_model extends Base_module_record { function get_emission_formatted() { } } ?>

Using this, nothing from SERIES is contained in the $emissions array.
The _common_query is working when used only for the "order_by" part...

What am I missing?

Thank you!


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