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Blog Module Front End

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I installed FUEL CMS and I installed Blog module. I added some posts to my blog from the admin end but I cannot view my posts from the front end.
When localhost/myproject/blog it redirects to the 404 page. Is there anything I need to do to make my posts accessible from the front end?

The version of my fuel and blog are
'FUEL_VERSION', '1.3.2' and 'BLOG_VERSION', '1.1'.


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    I think this long thread my be the answer you need. You'll need to probably lowercase the controller and model names in the fuel/modules/blog/models and fuel/modules/blog/controllers folder. This is due to the develop version of FUEL using CI 3.0 and requiring those files to be upper cased and CI 1.3.2 still being on CI 2.
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    Thank you. Changing the all the controllers and models filenames to lowercase solved the problem.

    I however tried to change the the front end URL to localhost/myproject/myblog. I entered myblog in the URI field of the Blog settings, but localhost/myproject/myblog is not loading.
    Please am I missing something?
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    You'll need to add a route to your fuel/application/routes.php file something like:
    $route['myblog(/.+)?'] = 'blog/$1';
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