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Forms Module Emails

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Is it possible and if so how would I be able to include the form data in the email sent after submission. Alternatively if it's possible (and preferable) to view the form submission on the site, Entries only shows the data in a CSV format. Which it says in the docs is for exporting, but being able to view it on the site would be nice too.


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    The Fuel_forms::get_email_message() method looks at the "email_message" property on the object. If it is a callable function or closure, it will call it passing in the current form object and the $posted values (line 1527). You can use double curly brackets like so {{ $email }} in your returned string which will get parsed.

    For the CSV download alternative, the challenge there is that even though it's likely that the form fields won't change, it is possible, which means that the data could be completely different between rows and therefore makes it difficult to show consistently in a table format.
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