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fuel block in views from fuel block database

edited October 2016 in Bug Reports
fuelcms development version.

when adding a fuel_block in a view from the cms it does not display the correct block it only displays the first one in the fuel_blocks table.

in view this was added

<?php echo fuel_block('name_of_the_block_in_cms', '', TRUE); ?>
no matter which block is called from cms blocks control panel it will only show the first one from the fuel_blocks table


  • Try:
    echo $this->fuel->blocks->render('name_of_the_block_in_cms');
  • edited 8:47AM
    Tried the above still comes back with the first block from database not the one im asking for
  • edited 8:47AM
    Thanks for the report. That seems to be a bug. I've posted a fix for that under the develop branch
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