CK Editor Safari Bug

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When pressing the enter key in the CK editor the cursor moves to strange positions (safari browser).
I can see that a fix was made to the ckeditor in version 4.4.5 for that issue but fuel is using 4.4.4
When I update just the ckeditor.js file to the latest version or 4.4.5 it works OK but it looses the status bar at the bottom of the editor.
Just wondered if there are plans to update the editor files in the lastest version of fuel?
Or what is the recommended process to upgrade the ckeditor? should i just replace all the files?
Thanks, Nick


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    Did you copy in the fuelimage and fuellink plugins from the plugin directory by chance?
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    I only updated the ckeditor.js file nothing else.
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    Try updating the entire folder and copying over those to plugin folders.
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