Blog Module braking style

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Just made a fresh install of FUEL and the blog module
There is a
code block in the blog controller in the master branch. It's making appear an array with the date before the header.

I also was struggling with the casing issue, could be possibe to make the installer decide the file name casing depending on the FUEL version? I spent a day trying to make it work until I red about the issue in the git repo.


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    Thanks for the heads up on the print_r error. That's been fixed. Regarding the casing issue, what version of FUEL are you currently running.
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    'FUEL_VERSION', '1.3.2' and 'BLOG_VERSION', '1.1'. I download it not so long ago
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    From Blog_base_controller.php (line 51):

    $view_path = ($in_app_folder) ?
    : MODULES_PATH.$this->fuel->blog->config('theme_module').'/views/'.$view_folder.$view;

    Is not adding the .php extension to the view path if the theme is in the blog folder, falling back to default folder.. (I couldn't find where that h1 was coming from in the posts view ;-) )
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    Thanks for the bug report. That's been updated.
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