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Hello Mr. , Ihope you are fine
I'm using nested template field type as follow

$fields["new_question"] = array(
'display_label' => TRUE,
'type' => 'template',
'label' => lang('new-question'),
'fields' => array(
'question_en' => array('label'=>lang('question-en') , 'required'=>TRUE),
'question_ar' => array('label'=>lang('question-ar'), 'required'=>TRUE),
'question_type' => array('type'=>'enum' , "mode"=>"radios" , "options"=> array("text"=>lang("text") , "multiple_choice"=>lang("multiple-choice")) , 'label'=>lang('question-type')),
'choices' => array('type'=>'template',
'label'=> lang('question-choices'),
'display_label'=> TRUE,
'fields'=> array(
'choice_en' => array('label'=> lang('choice-en')),
'choice_ar' => array('label'=> lang('choice-ar'))
'add_extra' => TRUE,
'repeatable' => TRUE

'add_extra' => TRUE,
'repeatable' => TRUE


when I add another , the nested template still see that this is the first parent template , HTML output is
input type="text" name="new_question[0][choices][0][choice_en]" value="" id="new_question_0_choices_0_choice_en" class="field_type_text field_depth_1 field_depth_0" size="40" data-orig_name="new_question[0][choices]" data-index="0" data-key="choice_en" data-field_name="new_question"

new_question[0] it is always 0 even I make "add another"

Problem exist only in nested template not in the original template
do I make anything wrong?
Thanks in advance


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    What version of FUEL are you running (can be found in fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_constants.php)?
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    fuel version is 1.3
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    Try updating to the latest version on master 1.3.2 to see if that fixes your issue.
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