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site variables template parsing

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Hi, I'm new to fuel cms and got stuck when adding an image using cms admin to the site variable, I've used fuel_var to echo the site variables but the template parsing didn't parse the img src value as it should. am I missing something here ?


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    What was parsed instead and were there any error messages?
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    no error messages, the template parsing tag was printed as is, I've add the below line in the site variable using cms admin

    and it was printed as is, I've used a static view to print it out like this
    echo fuel_var('variable_name'); ?>
    in my layout I've added
    $vars['parse_view'] = TRUE;
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    now it is working using parse_template_syntax. but do I need to call parse_template_syntax everytime I echo a variable?
    isn't their more dynamic way since am planning to split the website content into site variables and the cms users will require to add assets.
    appreciate your feedback
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    For the site variables, you may need to do that if you have template parsing tags in it.
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